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Partnering up with LA-based branding agency TRUFFL, we recently had the opportunity to write, conceptualize and facilitate a digital & OOH video campaign for Getaround, the car sharing solution that keeps it simple.

Writer & Director: Henry Hayhurst-France
Producer & PM: Jen Araki
Asst. Producer: Lynette Garrison
DOP: Alex Pollini
1st Ast. Director & LM: Paul Bock
1st Ast. Camera: Felipe Mieres
2nd Ast. Camera: Matt Lemus
Key Grip: Sergio Silva
BB Grip: David Labeigh
Gaffer: Adam Goral
BB Electric: Edgar Gomez
Casting Director: Alizée Gaillard
Stylist: Seth Chernoff
Wardrobe: Amanda David
HMU: Sara Lipetz
Production Design: Katie Wilkerson
Set dresser: Emma Diamond
Sound Recordist: Kai Morrison
Art PA: Steven Gonzales
Truck PA: Parker Smith
PA: Ivan Lizarraga
PA: Josh Perry
Storyboarding: Tyler Petitclerc
Studio Teacher 1: Jill Gann
Studio Teacher 2: Beth McManigill
Editor: Jonathan Mathew
Sound Mixer: Nolan McNaughton
Colourist: Leo Hynes
Motion Graphics: Nigel Williamson
Compositor: Thierry Muller
Voiceover: Bethany Arrington-Peck
Stills: Ethan Sigmon
Prop Car Coordinator: Nathan Ross
Prop Cars: Paramount Picture Cars
Rental House: CFG

Claudine Quadrat
Jordan Demario
Malakai Sandoval
Roderick EE Nixon
Pauline Luddie Brown
Joey Finiguerra
Grayson Niles
Kelvin Batiste
Claire Montgomery

After finalizing creative and nailing pre-production logistics, we travelled down to Los Angeles to direct the 4 day shoot using a local crew of 25, shooting 6 scenes featuring 10 characters and 5 alternate prop cars across 6 locations - with the occasional LAPD motorcade chaperone along the way. No biggy.

The 7 video deliverables and photography suite are now advertising across social, web, CTV and OOH platforms around North America.


Prop Cars

From a 1984 Ford Escort to a 2023 Tesla Y


Company Size

Including cast, crew and LAPD motorcycles



Whittled down to a cast of 9

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That enduring value

From concept to final cut, all under one roof.