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Salta, Argentina… this is one location we’ll never forget. Canadian mining company Fortuna hired MB's full production services for a 5-part documentary series following their construction progress at the Lindero Gold mine in South America. Filmed over 18months, we made 5 visits to the facility to capture episodic content to update  shareholders and promote their work to industry partners around the world.

The remote and foreboding mountainous location is 4,500 meters above sea level and a casual 10hours drive from the nearest town. Inevitably, this presented harsh mental and physical conditions for our crew on this project - not to mention the need to pass all industry medical tests and travel requirements to ensure the safety of our team. Our brief here was not only to highlight the business' developments onsite, but also to visually report the positive impact of Fortuna's activities on the surrounding communities, including the local village of Tolar Grande.

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